Free Short Course on Agile Data & Information Management

Free Short Course: Agile Data & Information Management
At one end of the big data spectrum lies the IT systems that collect, store, and manage it all. At the other end are the non-technical users who rely upon that data to make agile decisions every day. Somewhere in between some magic happens to get the right data into the right minds at the right time.brenton-mentor

This short course is about that magic. Big data is not enough – we need information which can support agile decisions. This is a combination of Agile philosophies, information usage principles, and decision-making psychology. The old fashioned “report” is of a bygone era. We need more than just the facts; we need to understand them.

This course will explore the stepping stones between how humans make agile decisions, how we interpret information through visualisation, and how information management systems can work to support it all. Whether you are a collector, caretaker, or consumer of business information – this course will have something for you.

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