IT Support Engineer, Information Security Analyst &  Internet Advocate

Godsway Kubi is a vibrant and motivated young IT professional specializing in system network administration, information security, and internet governance. With a strong technical mindset and a dedication to excellence, his goal is to drive companies towards extreme profitability and success by leveraging his expertise in IT administration.

Godsway is known for his adaptability, quick learning abilities, and exceptional interpersonal skills. He is recognized for his hard work, effective communication, and sound decision-making skills. With a creative and open-minded approach, he excels at multitasking and brings innovative ideas to the forefront.

Additionally, Godsway is an expert in internet governance and has actively contributed to this field. He is a fellow of the West Africa School on Internet Governance and the Ghana School on Internet Governance, where he is passionate about inspiring African youth to participate in internet governance initiatives.

With his comprehensive skill set and dedication to advancing internet governance, Godsway is poised to make a positive impact in Africa, particularly among the youth. He continually seeks opportunities to deepen his knowledge and contribute to the growth and development of the field.