Jerry Selorm Akakpo, also known as Newton, is an accomplished Educational Consultant, Data and Financial Analyst with a rich experience spanning over 5 years. He is a highly result-oriented professional, known for his discipline, reliability, strong determination, and self-motivation. Possessing excellent leadership skills, Jerry has demonstrated his ability to foresee needs, address situations proactively, and effectively manage conflicts. He seeks a challenging position within a reputable establishment where he can make significant contributions towards achieving organizational objectives.

With a BSc in Actuarial Science, Jerry has acquired a diverse skill set, including expertise in Principles of Programming (Python), Descriptive & Environmental Statistics, Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry, Computer Literacy, French, Elements of Economics, Probability Theory, and various other mathematical disciplines. Additionally, he is proficient in Statistical Software for Computing (R & SPSS), Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, Corporate Finance, Investment Portfolio Management, and Principles of Financial Accounting.

Jerry’s passion for continuous learning led him to become a fellow of the Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG), where he explored Cybersecurity and Data Science. Fueling his enthusiasm for the internet, he completed online courses in Cybersecurity Roles, Processes, Operating System Security (IBM – Coursera), Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity (Cybrary), and Data Science and Machine Learning Fundamentals (Corporate Finance Institute – CFI). Presently, he is pursuing a course in Applied Data Science at World Quant University.

With aspirations of becoming a Financial expert, Jerry has acquired certifications in various business areas from CFI, such as Reading Financial Statements, Economics for Capital Markets, Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Excel, Introduction to Banking, and Introduction to Cryptocurrency, among others.

In his professional journey, Jerry embarked on an internship at the Ghana Revenue Authority (Osu-branch) from 2017 to 2019, serving as a Knowledge and Training Officer in the Training and Knowledge department. Subsequently, during his mandatory national service, he contributed as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Energy and Natural Resources. Following this, he worked as a Machine Operator and Assistant Administrative Clerk at Springtech Industries (Hypnos Beds) under a one-year work contract in the United Arab Emirates.

Upon returning to Ghana, Jerry volunteered as the acting Marketing Manager at Satetra (Satellite Transmissions) Technologies, where he honed his skills in digital marketing, developing marketing strategies, brand management, lead generation, and collaboration.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jerry actively engages in community service. He served as the Assistant Music Head for the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) campus church, as well as the Communications Head for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Student Chapter at Rotary Club.


Driven by his aspiration to become an Actuary and a Data/Financial expert, Jerry remains open to conducting research across various domains. Currently, he imparts knowledge as a Mathematics and Computing Tutor at Step One Academy School in Tema-Golf City. He has initiated a project focused on Cybersecurity, coding, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to empower his students and inspire future generations.

Jerry Selorm Akakpo is a dedicated and multifaceted professional whose commitment to continuous growth and excellence shines through his achievements and contributions in the fields of Education, Data Analysis, and Marketing within the IT industry.