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Abraham Selby also known as Fiifi Mensah Selby is a Tech Policy Analyst and Information Technology Professional with over 10 years of Technological Support experience and Programming Experience. and Google I.T Support Certified. He has gone through a series of studies in HTML,CSS,JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, Python, Data Structures and Algorithm, Data science, Data Analytics, Website design, Accounting, Project Management, Economics, Cloud Support, Network fundamentals and Cyber security and I.T infrastructure Support with much knowledge is Software sales and I.T Training and Consultancy.

Selby have worked under Government Projects from the past years as technical Support person and technician to the Electoral Commission, Data Protection Commission Ghana, Ghana Statistical Service in the Ghana Agric Census, Société Générale Ghana, Gartner Consulting United Kingdom as a Lead delivery Consultant in the Africa I.T for customers research in 2019, Trainer for the IIPGH coding class.

Selby has been part of the technical support team for United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2020, 2021 & 2022) which he Support in Hosting many IGF Session as Co-Host and Virtual Team support and Volunteer technical support team lead at the IGF 2022.

He was also appointed as a Mentor for the MZUZAH Africa 2020 Sustainability Project in Africa where he supervised two university in Africa for project competitions for sustainable development project in Africa. He has graduated and acknowledge as a champion and leader from the United People Global Sustainability Project which he is advocating for Quality Education through Digitization and Information Technology in United States.

He is alumni of the YALI West Africa Leadership Programme offered by YALI state government of United states, GIMPA and Master Card Foundation which he graduated 2020 Cohort 15 as emerging Leader.

In 2021 he has been part of the Global Young Leadership Group for the United People Global United States Program which he was selected as part of young men and women who are using the Sustainable development goals to change the world out of 4000 Applicants he made it to the 500 Training and got certified with his advocacy in digital education.

Aside these Job Roles learning and improving his skills and wish aspirations as to become world’s greatest Computer Scientist one day. Selby is a Graduate of Information Technology from Kumasi Technical University  and BSC Information & Communication Technology at the Christ Apostolic University College.

Selby is an Internet Governance Fellow from the African School on Internet Governance  AFRISIG 2021,  Ghana School on Internet Governance (GSIG 2020) , India School on Internet Governance (InSIG) and Virtual School on Internet Governance.(VSIG 2021)

Selby is serving as Vice Communications and Programs Chairman for the Internet Society Ghana Chapter and has also contributed to the Global Oxford University Database for COVID 19 Tracker since 2020. He is a Professional Member of the Institute of ICT professionals Ghana and the Internet Society Global, England and Netherland Chapter.

With his service to the Church of Pentecost, He is serving as the Vice President of the COP I.T Guild where he is part of Technology media awareness guest on PENT TV, Support to train church members in I.T and have distributed so many databases to various local church as part of his I.T Contributions to the church. I have also been managing over 15 developers who are working on the church global I.T matrix for over 90 countries which I lead as developer and guide them on developmental Operations. 

Selby has a lot of certifications in Information Security, Business Management, Data Science, Enterprise Resource Planning, SCRUM, Cyber Security Fundamentals, Huawei 5G trainings and many more.  He has over 3000+ post comment featured in the Ghana Daily Graphic Page 7 from 2013 to date which he has contributed to various editorials to help the country and its development.  

His aspirations are to find a challenging task, learn and to become a vibrant tech savvy person in the field of computing and a greatest professional around the globe and any Company or organization he may find himself in.

He is a Security and Compliance Advocate and Data Protection Policy activist who want the privacy of data subject to be always right. Selby has done some virtual Contributions with Clifford Chance on Cyber Security Global Virtual Internship and Software Engineering Virtual Experience with JPMorgan Chase & Co. under Forage Virtual Program

With recent exposure in helping data analytics and support, Selby has passed and become part of the World Bank Data for Better Lives: A New Social Contract which has been organized by World Bank Group and EDX

Selby was part of the speakers at the 2022 RightCon organized by Access Now talking about Data privacy in Africa. He is also part of the 2022 Internet Governance Forum by UNDESA which is being held at Addis Ababa Ethiopia as a speaker where he is highlighting on the data privacy gap within the global southern perspective with other speakers and also supporting the IGF as technical support. 

He is currently serving at Internet Society Global Cybersecurity Special Interest Group and Administrator Management System (AMS) which he was elected in 2021. 

He is also Part of the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center Volunteers in United States as International Technical Support team member. 

Selby is Part of Team E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA) as Programs Officer Information Technology and also technical support team lead and research team member for Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC IS3C) under the UNDESA IGF which he is contributing to various United Nations policy work development under the coalition. 

Selby has started serving as Volunteer Technical Support for the various youth Groups (West African Youth IGF, Global Youth Standing Group , Internet Society Youth SIG as team lead communications and Technology Support and supporting the various youth led groups as Co-author and editor for the UN Global Digital Compact. 

As Part of his research skills and project to support the UNDESA IGF, Selby together with team under IS3C has worked on the Cybersecurity skills gap research which was presented to the Global IGF MAG Chair in december 2022 at Ethiopia which he was a session moderator to that presentation. 

Selby has joined ICANN since 2020 which he has participated in ICANN 73, 74, 75 and 76 respectively where he is currently part of Universal Acceptance Steering Group which he is contributing to the UAI Email Self Certification Guide policy work. 


  • I.T Consultancy 
  • Sale of I.T Devices
  • Website development
  • Social Media Management
  • Software development 
  • Mobile App design
  • I.T Job Recruitment Screening
  • Digital Publications
  • Training Digital Skills.
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Publishing
  • Project Management 
  • Data Analytics
  • Human Resources Analytics
  • Administrative Management 
  • Product Management
  • Technical Support

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