Sylvester Paa Kofi Esuong is a passionate Information Technology student at Ghana Communication Technology University. With a strong dedication to learning and expanding his knowledge, he is pursuing a BSc. In Information Technology.

Sylvester is not only a diligent student but also an active participant in various Internet Governance initiatives. He was selected as an Internet Governance fellow for prestigious programs such as the African School on Internet Governance (AFRISIG) 2023, Ghana School on Internet Governance (GSIG) 2023, and Virtual School on Internet Governance (VSIG) 2023. Through these experiences, he has gained valuable insights into the complexities and challenges of managing the internet ecosystem.

As an advocate for digital development, Sylvester is a proud member of the Internet Society Ghana Chapter, where he actively contributes to discussions and initiatives aimed at promoting an open, secure, and accessible internet for all. His dedication to the cause will soon earn him alumni status within the chapter.

In addition to his studies and commitment to Internet Governance, Sylvester is currently an Intern at SELTECH GROUP, where he is acquiring valuable real-world experience and learning a myriad of new skills. This opportunity allows him to apply his theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and further grow as a professional in the IT field.

Beyond his academic and professional endeavours, Sylvester holds Microsoft and Amazon certificates from Devtown, demonstrating his proficiency and expertise in cloud computing and related technologies. In addition to these certifications, he has honed his skills in Internet Governance, programming languages like React, Python, and WordPress, showcasing his versatility in the tech landscape.

Sylvester is driven by a desire to leverage technology for positive change and is continuously seeking opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the digital world.